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2-Lane Bunjee Run


The Bunjee Run (2-Lane) is the perfect competitive and fun rental, that will be great for your next event. The Bunjee Run is where competitors are harnessed to a bunjee cord and must run the fastest. The winner is determined by who can run the farthest without being pulled back by the bunjee cord. The Bunjee run is available today in either a 2-Lane inflatable or a 3-Lane inflatable. Call us for availability to book!


The 2-Lane Bunjee Run is the perfect interactive and exciting inflatable option for your next event. The 2-Lane Bunjee Run is the 2-Lane version of the traditional 3-Lane Bunjee run, which is an interesting and fun activity. The Bunjee race is where you are strapped into a harness, which is attached to a bunjee cord. The bunjee cord is carefully attached to an inflatable, where a player tries to run faster than their opponent. The winner is whoever can race the farthest before the bunjee retracts. The bunjee retracting makes the activity fun, playfully throwing the players backwards to where they ran from. The 2-Lane Bunjee Run is the perfect 1 v1 competition for your next indoor or outdoor competitive event or fundraiser.

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