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30 x 60 Pole Tent


Pole tents of all sizes are the perfect tents for a grass-type area, because these tents have to be staked into the ground. The flexibility of these tents are much more than our frame tents, because they can actually be placed nearly as you desire. Pole tents can also be extended to different sizes, going from 60′ wide to 140′ wide. Pole tents typically are a great choice for weddings, birthday parties, graduation, and so many more events. Call us today to see if a pole tent is perfect for you!


UltraParty is proud to offer a wide range of different tent rental sizes. No matter how big or small of a tent you need, we have options for you! Essentially, the 30 x 60 Frame Tent is one of our medium tent packages, and is set up in medium areas. Second, equally important, remember that each of our tents requires either stakes secured into the ground (3 ½ feet deep) or concrete blocks to secure. In addition, if you have a utility line near the tent, please let our sales team know before the tent setup.

Need accessories for your tent rental? Check out:

Sometimes the ground can be unpredictable, thankfully we have tent flooring! Don’t hesitate to book tent flooring accustomed to the space of your tent to ensure your guests don’t have muddy feet. Tent flooring is an additional charge, but will complete your entire tent needs! Duralock flooring is combined in a puzzle method and secures into one another, allowing it to be custom to your own desired sizes.

You have the tent, you have the lights, but where are people going to dance? Thankfully, UltraParty is proud to provide you with different stage and dance floor rental options! Whether you want a place for honored guests to speak, or a place to boogie – we have plenty of options for you. Don’t trip your ankle on an uneven ground, instead break dance on our cleaned and sturdy dancing floor. Find the right size for you today!

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