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Chill & Fill Table


UltraParty has so many different bar and bar rental options that will be perfect for your next event. From simple bars to inflatable Tikis and even to wine barrel tables, we have it all. Make sure your guests are refreshed and happy by ensuring there is a bar. If you enjoy the bar rental and supplies, check out our Tables & Chairs! Make sure your guests are comfortable and seated and then make sure they’re refreshed. Call us today to book!


Are you looking to have your event outside and need a way to keep your drinks cold? The Chill & Fill Tables are the perfect rental item that will solve your problem. The Chill & Fill Tables are plastic standing coolers that can fit all types of drink and ice. Essentially, you would first put your drinks in the table and then add your ice to keep it nice and cold. Essentially, to prevent any pooling of water, there are multiple drain holes on the bottom. From cans of soda to ice cold beers, the Chill & Fill will be perfect for your next event.

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Looking for a more traditional ground level cooler? The Large Cooler rental is the perfect solution to keeping your drinks cold. Similar to our Chill & Fill, you first add the drinks of your choice. Secondly, you will add as much ice as you’d like. Finally, crack open a cold one and relax with your friends and family! The Large Cooler rental is the ultimate necessity for any outdoor gathering, such as picnics, birthday parties, graduation receptions, and so much more. Don’t deal with lukewarm soda or beer when you can get it ice cold. Call us today to book a Large Cooler!

Not all drinks are cold, especially when the weather gets cold out. The Insulated Beverage Dispenser is the perfect solution to keeping hot drinks – hot. From coffee to hot chocolate, the insulated beverage dispenser will keep drinks hot for up to eight hours at a time. To ensure they do not get cold, the Insulated Beverage Dispenser is designed to ensure that hot drinks can steam and stay warm. Company Picnics will look so more professional with an insulated beverage dispenser, and the guests will love the refreshments you have to offer.

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