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Fun House Mirror


A distorting mirror, funhouse mirror or carnival mirror is a popular attraction at carnivals and fairs. Instead of a normal plane mirror that reflects a perfect mirror image, distorting mirrors are curved mirrors, often using convex and concave sections to achieve the distorted effect.


“Woah… how are there 8 of me?” Don’t fret, it’s only the Fun House Mirror! The Fun House Mirror is a traditional mirror, yet distorting. Extremely popular during carnivals and fairs, these mirrors are the hallmark of traditional carnivals. Instead of a traditional plane mirror that reflects a perfect mirror image, the Fun House Mirror is curved. Essentially, it uses convex and concave sections to achieve the distorted effect. One look into the Fun House Mirror will make your head spin and make you giggle. Call us today to complete the ultimate carnival experience and rent our Fun House Mirror!

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The Fun House Mirror will make your head spin and distort your reality. It’s a great thing that it’s only temporary! Generally speaking, you might want to see what else we offer, like the mirror. Do not wait to see our great products, with our frequently updated YouTube channel. Alternatively, interested in seeing what our customers say – here are some reviews directly from Google! Even more, we also have a Facebook and Instagram page! The best way to stay updated with our new products and services is to follow us!


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