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The Hi-Striker is your classic and perfect experience of what carnival games are about. Essentially, keeping the fun and excitement to a max while making the instructions fairly easy to understand. The Hi-Striker strength test game is perfect for your next outdoor or indoor event and completes the carnival experience. Call today to book!


Do you have the strength and endurance needed to get the high score on our strength test? The Hi-Striker is the perfect strength and endurance test, and is a carnival classic! Essentially, players are given a hammer and have to strike the bell hard enough to get a good score. No carnival is complete without popcorn, rides, and a strength test. Nevertheless, perfectly addictive in all the right ways, you will have a blast with this interactive and exciting rental. Players are given a score based on their strength, all the way from 0 to 1,000.

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The Hi-Striker is a fun and challenging version of the classic carnival game “Strong Man Test”. Generally speaking, you might want to see what else we offer, like the strength test. Do not wait to see our great products, with our frequently updated YouTube channel. Alternatively, interested in seeing what our customers say – here are some reviews directly from Google! Even more, we also have a Facebook and Instagram page! The best way to stay updated with our new products and services is to follow us!


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