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Junior Baseball Homerun Derby


Batters up! For players of all ages, it’s time to put your skills to the test with the Junior Baseball Homerun Derby! Each player must try to hit the floating ball into the holes in the backdrop, if you can! An extremely cool and unique rental, this will be fun for the whole family!


The Junior Baseball Homerun Derby is perfect for those younger guests looking for a competitive and fun experience. Essentially, one player at a time will try and hit the light baseball (plastic) into the premade holes in the inflatable. Did I mention that the baseball is floating? Thanks to carefully designed airflow, the plastic baseball floats in the air! The player will attempt to hit the ball with the baseball bat into one of the holes in the backdrop. Depending on which hole you hit, depends your skill level! If no hole is hit, the ball will elegantly fall back to the player to place back on the tee. Good luck batters!

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