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Mechanical Bull Rental


The Carnival is coming to town, and it needs you to pick up these awesome carnival rentals! From popcorn machines to tea cup rides, we offer it all here at a low and affordable price range. No matter who you are, you will surely fall in love with all our Carnival Ride rentals!


The Mechanical Bull is the premium experience of putting your riding skills to the test! Want to rent a mechanical Bull? Try our Mechanical Bull Premium. Essentially, it makes you feel like you are truly riding a bull in the wild. Also, don’t worry about marks on your floor, we offer an inflatable mat. The mechanical bull is the main attraction at any corporate function, after prom, or church festival. Additionally, the new design on an inflatable mat and automated sensor makes the mechanical bull even safer. Definitely, this is an extremely popular rental. Want to have a bull riding contest? Rent two bulls and ride away.

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The bumping, crashing and bashing provides your guests with a fun and exciting activity no matter what the occasion. The Bumper Car rental includes four bumper cars and an inflatable arena for the cars to crash around in. This arena is double walled, with an inner and outer wall. Allowing the cars to bounce off the walls within the arena, and guests to watch safely from outside the arena. Notably, cars are equipped with flashing lights and speakers playing carnival bumper car music to give your event a professional feel. Also, the Bumper Car rental and arena must be placed on a hard flat surface. Importantly, the bumper cars don’t have brakes. Essentially, you only stop when you hit the fellow Bumper Car drivers.

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The Mechanical Bull is the true bull riding experience! Straddle up and hold on tight, let’s see who can hold on the longest. Generally speaking, you might want to see what else we offer, like the bull. Do not wait to see our great products, with our frequently updated YouTube channel. Alternatively, interested in seeing what our customers say – here are some reviews directly from Google! Even more, we also have a Facebook and Instagram page! The best way to stay updated with our new products and services is to follow us!


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