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Milk Can Toss


UltraParty is proud to offer a wide collection of different carnival game rentals, such as Milk Can Toss! No matter the type of event, we likely will have the perfect rental for you. Don’t hesitate to check out all our rental options by clicking the “Home” tab and then looking through all our categories.

The Milk Can Toss rental includes the following item(s):

  • (1) Custom Milk Can
  • (3) Softball balls


You will not find any milk in these cans, only small softball balls. The Milk Can Toss is a large white old-fashioned milk can with a little curved exit on the bottom. Unlike ring toss, instead of tossing around an object – you must toss inside this can. The game is extremely simple to play and even easier to host, you will be addicted to the game. Essentially, players are given three softball balls and must shoot them into the milk can from a distance. It sounds easy, but it will take a few tries to be deemed the winner!

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