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Mindball Interactive Brain Game


So you think you can play Mind games? Prove it with Mindball! Developed in Sweden, the game is a premier event provided by UltraSound Special Events Inc. Participants attempt to control their excitement or calm to move the ball across the table. Brainwaves are displayed on the large monitor, and the ball movement occurs through the information processed by the headbands worn by players. Mindball is BEYOND traditional video games and creates a new level of Hi Tech gaming!


Mindall is the ultimate interactive brain game that will put your actual physical mental skills to the test. Developed in Sweden, this interactive brain game extreme rental is a great example of the unique games we have to offer. In Mindball, each player is hooked to a real machine that measures the player’s brain waves. The players of two must try and limit their excitement and brain activity as they push a ball back and forth. Essentially fun for everyone, even spectators can watch as the players live brain waves are displayed on an included monitor.

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