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Misting Fan


After living in Ohio for a long time, I believe I can speak for us when I say our weather can be unpredictable. The mere fact that one day it could be 20 degrees and then 80 the next day, is our daily life. Thankfully, you no longer have to put your event plans on hold because of mother nature. UltraParty is proud to offer so many different heating and cooling solutions such as the Misting Fan. Don’t hesitate to book this amazing rental or check out the rest of our website and products by heading to the ‘Home’ tab.


The weather is not always on your side, thankfully, UltraParty has all the heating and cooling options. The Misting Fans are extremely popular when the weather is hot and humid. Perfect for large crowds, these fans will be extremely popular when the heat becomes unbearable. Unlike your traditional fan, these misting fans actually spray droplets of water in the air. The water works quicker to cool down large open spaces, and works even better face to face. No matter the event, if it’s going to be hot or humid, rent a misting fan!

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