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Mobile Axe Throwing


The Coolest Rental Attraction of 2022 is our Mobile Axe Throwing. Our Mobile Axe Throwing trailer rentals near me have Dual Lanes and are the hottest rental item of the year!  Participants of all ages enjoy throwing Axes, and it is perfect for College Events, Company Picnics or any Special Event. Axe throwing may sound dangerous, but with our precautionary methods, we bring this rental item. It is a safe way to relieve stress and have fun.


Shoulder width apart, stand tall, take a deep breath, and THROW! Our Mobile Axe Throwing trailer is a portable axe throwing extreme rental attraction, great for any outdoor event. Finally, you can release any built up anger or frustration and just let loose in our state of the art axe throwing trailer. Up to two players at a time, our staff will guide the players on safety and technique, and they are given multiple chances to try and hit a bullseye. The host can either make this a pay-to-play or free to play, it is entirely up to the host’s discretion.

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