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Monster Blast


UltraParty is proud to offer a wide collection of different carnival game rentals, such as Monster Blast! No matter the type of event, we will likely have the perfect rental for you. Don’t hesitate to check out all our rental options by clicking the “Home” tab and then looking through all our categories.

The Monster Blast rental includes the following item(s):

  • (1) Monster Blast Platform/Game
  • (1) NERF pistol
  • (x) NERF bullets


Monsters can be scary, but after you take them out with the Monster Blast – they are scary no longer! The Monster Blast is an extremely unique and interesting carnival game, and is popular. Traditionally, Monster Blast is most popular during the Fall season however it can be rented any time of the year. Essentially, there is a long platform with cutout monsters in a haunted house in the back. To win, players must use the NERF gun attached at the end and shoot the monsters down. The winner is a player who can shoot the most monsters in the limited amount of time.

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