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Popcorn Machine


Popcorn machine do all the work while you and your guests can enjoy the nostalgic feeling of old time theaters and corner vendors. Our popcorn machine rentals are of commercial quality and perfect for any event. The machine comes with 8oz kettles, heat lamps and warming decks. Your popcorn will remain fresh & hot for hours.


The smell is in the air, and you know what I am talking about – popcorn is being popped! The Popcorn Machine is an extremely popular and exciting rental item and has so many uses. Unquestionably a great rental item, the popcorn machine is perfect for every type of event. Movie nights, summer parties, birthday parties, campus college events – and so much more – are perfect events to rent a concessions item. Thankfully, each of our concession machines are very simple to use thanks to our concession instructions. No matter how many guests you expect, our concessions will complete all your snack needs. The popcorn machine includes the machine and popcorn/popcorn butter, and the brand can be changed to your own preference.

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The Popcorn Machine is a great rental item for movie nights or summer events, and we know you’ll love the final product. Looking for a sweeter treat? UltraParty also offers an Ice Cream Cabinet rental for your sweet tooth pleasure. In addition, the Ice Cream Cabinet can hand two tubs of ice cream flavors at a given time – giving an excellent sweet option to your guests. The Ice Cream Cabinet contains a freezing level refrigeration unit and requires a steady constant supply of electricity.

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