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Portable Synthetic Ice Rink


The new portable synthetic ice rink is available for daily, multi, or extended. Two sizes are available 32’ x 60’ x 7’ and 24’ x 40’ x 7’. Ice skates are included with the rental of the rink. The ice rink can be used indoors or outdoors


The new and improved Portable Synthetic Ice Rink is the ultimate winter fun experience right to your door! The Portable Synthetic Ice Rink acts as a real ice rink with 100% safe plexiglass material and acts like the real thing. No refrigeration or cooling is required, it is entirely a dry ice rink. UltraParty provides plenty of additional supplies with this package, including safety gates, liability waivers, and even the ice skate rentals themselves. Finally, you can have the fun of ice skating brought to your event, a sure favorite of all your future guests!

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