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Premium Trackless Train Rental


From popcorn machines to tea cup rides, we offer it all here at a low and affordable price range. No matter who you are, you will surely fall in love with all our main attractions. The Premium Trackless Train includes the following:

  • (1) Engine Cabin (driver’s space)
  • (5) Passenger Cabin (seats up to four people)
  • (1) Train Engineer (staff member at an additional charge)


“All aboard! The Premium Trackless Train is leaving the station!”. The Premium Trackless Train has all the bells and whistles of your traditional train! Perfect for kids of all ages, they will never want to get off this ride. First, the train is painted freshly with carbon black and has beautiful detailed designs. Secondly, it is equipped with real bells, whistles, lights, and even music that goes into each cabin. Third, there are 5 passenger cabins that seat up to four people at a time. Finally, with its creative design, it does not require a predefined track – it can go on any flat surface! Don’t hesitate to book this amazing and popular rental and see all those smiles on their faces.

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