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Tent Walls


UltraParty has several options for your tent wall needs! Check out the following options we have to offer:

Solid Side Wall(s):
  • 7 x 20 Solid Side Walls
  • 8 x 20 Solid Side Walls
Window Side Wall(s):
  • 7 x 20 Window Side Walls
  • 8 x 20 Window Side Walls
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Rain, sleet, snow, wind – it can be a real party bummer when it happens at your event. Thankfully, UltraParty is proud to offer two options of tent walls that will surround your tent. No matter how big or how small of a tent, we can cover it for you! Ultra Party has two types of tent walls (commonly called “sidewalls”): Window and Solid. Essentially, window tent walls have an opening in the middle that allows you to see in and out of. On the other hand, solid tent walls are solid white – giving you plenty of privacy if that is your desire. Tent Walls are an additional charge to a tent package, and could be perfect for your next event. Give us a call today to see the best tent wall options for you!

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Tent Walls help keep the weather controlled, and are excellent if you’re seeking privacy or an enclosed look. However, the temperature can always be a concern in the cold seasons, so we also offer Tent Heaters! Our Tent Heaters are white and sleek designed, making it perfect to blend into your tent’s overall look. The tent heaters come with one filled propane tank, and additional tanks are also available for rent. Give us a call today to see if these are perfect for your next cold outdoor event.

Looking to have your event after dark inside the tent? We also have options for lighting! Our tent lighting packages include a wide array of different tent lighting options, and will perfectly illuminate your next after-dusk event. Our tent lighting includes a chandelier (only available on certain tents), spotlights for the corners, tent globe lighting, and even bulb lighting (hanged on the edges of the tent). Installation is an additional charge, and so are any lighting packages.

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We hope these tent walls will be perfect for your event, and we would love to see the final result. Generally, you want to see what we have to offer in action. Do not wait to see our great products, with our frequently updated YouTube channel. Alternatively, see what our customers have to say – here are some reviews from Google! Even more, we also have a Facebook and Instagram page! The best way to stay up to date with our new products and services is to follow us – we’ll see you there!